Welcome To Gurudwara Paonta Sahib

PAONTA SAHIB town was founded by tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It was Guru Gobind Singhji’s home for over four years. This is believed to be his longest stay at any place in his entire life. It is said that the original name of the town was Paontika. Paon in Hindi means “feet”, and tika in Hindi means “became stable”.

Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote many religious books during his stay in Poanta Sahib and later he went to Anandpur Sahib to establish the Khalsa Panth.

Paonta Sahib is also the birthplace of Baba Ajit Singh Ji ( Eldest Son Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji )The Gurudwara of Paonta Sahib was built in the memory of the Guru Gobind Singh ji, This Gurudwara  holds very high historic and religious significance among Sikhs.

History of Gurudwara Administration

According to the old risk versus after the departure of guru gobind singh sahib to Anandpur sahib, bhai bishan singh Who was appointed by the Dasam Patshah himself for the purpose rendered services as caretaker to the holy shrine of Paonta Sahib.

During the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Punjab sirdar sahip sing Santa valia started the work of constructing a new building here. With their financial assistance, Baba Kapur Singh completed the work of construction in 1823 A.D. Subsequently, mahants serve this sanctified place as priests. the last of the mahants was mahant Gurdial Singh.

The administration of historical gurudwara was being entrusted to the Panth after relinquishing the Charge from the individuals i.e. Mahants. Resultantly, the administration of Gurudwara Paonta Sahib  was taken away from Mahants after 22nd of May 1964. According to the judgment of justice Pritam Singh ‘Safeer’ Off Delhi High Court , a committee of members was constituted for the management off this gurudwara sahib.


Baba Harbhajan Singh the Jathedar of Tarana Dal – Harian Bela And his many other things sacrifice a great deal for the shifting over the administration of holy Gurudwara Sahib and keeping its sanctity. Eleven Sikhs of Tarana Dal felt martyrs in this event and many others including Baba Nihal Singh of Tarana Dal got seriously injured.

During this Holocaust, S. Santa Singhji his brothers and other local Sikhs had a hard toil but at last succeeded in saving the situation.

Meanwhile, S. Santa Singhji, pleader of the entire case was very badly injured by some misguided persons rather say scoundrels but was saved by the grace of Guru Sahib. Even to this date, the Gurudwara Sahib is being served voluntarily by his family and brothers.

Prominent Akali leaders including master Tara Singh, Jathedar Santokh Singh and devotees (Sangat) demanded justice from the government for administering the affairs of Gurudwara Sahib appropriately.  All of them extended their own cooperation for the purpose.

The income of this holy place was very meager before the administration came in the hands of Panths. Moreover Sangat was a little acquainted with the significance of this sacred place. Now, by the grace of the Dasam Patshah, so many constructive works have been undertaken with the voluntary assistance of Sangat. Langar (Community kitchen) of Guru Nanak is served to Sangat(devotees)  day and night 24 hours.

Neat and clean rooms along with halls have been built for the stay of pilgrims and some more are being envisaged.

The Kar-Sewa of the new building of Darbar Sri Paonta Sahib was entrusted  to Baba Harbans Singh Delhi Wala In 1978. By virtue of his untiring services, this grand and holy place of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Has attained a special significance amongst all other Religious places of the world. So much so, the foreigners also applaud the elegant gurudwara sahib built in white marble exactly on the bank of river Yamuna. Dasmesh Pita made a fortune for this land by the touch of his holy feet  for full four and a half years and embalmed the calm and peaceful environs of its surrounding into spiritual and social flavor.

Holla Mohalla

Every year, a fair is organized in Paonta Sahib to celebrate the historic festival – Hola Mohalla. Guru Gobind Singh ji has started Hola festival at Anandpur Sahib in 1701. So Anandpur Sahib is the main Gurudwara to celebrate Holla Mohalla.

Holla Mohalla is a masculine word contrary to Hindu festival Holi which is feminine. Hola Mohalla or simply Hola means “mock fight”.

Celebrations of Hola festival lasts for three days .First day of the festival is significant as Guru Granth Sahib ji is given holy bath with milk and water